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Our company was founded in 1995 and in its early stages focused on the business in the area of spare parts for agricultural machines, especially machines for pre-sowing soil preparation.

In the beginning of 1997 we started with own production of parts in rented premises. It was the final operations such as hardening and forming in the hardening presses. Later, within the next two years, the manufacturing cycle was closed which means the production from processing of a raw material to dyed final product! Initially it was entirely the production on the classic machines, but recently these conventional machines are replaced by semi-automatic or automatic machines.

In 2004 we started to build own premises. That was completed in 2005 and relocated to the above-mentioned areas. The area also includes a retail store, which is used to supply customers in the vicinity.

Wearing spare parts for ploughs are the main program of our production. The spare parts are designed for ploughs practically of all manufacturers supplying these machines to our market, such as Lemken, Kverneland, Kuhn, Vogel-Nott, ROSS Roudnice, ... etc. But we also produce many other wear-resistant machine parts, for example parts of snow ploughs and manipulators. The original material for the production was the CDRI, so-called three-layer steel, but over time and in cooperation with ironworks Třinecké železárny (testing several alternative types of materials) we changed to ABR 500 (boron steel). Since 2005 we’ve used materials exclusively from Sweden, Finland and Italy, also based on the basis of boron steel, but with guaranteed quality and chemical structure of each supply.

Recently, the production of ploughs is becoming the forefront of our interests, which we’ve developed since 2008. In that year two prototypes of ploughs secured with blind screws were produced and subjected to practical testing. Following year the first series of these ploughs was made. In 2011 it was followed by the first production series of spring-backed ploughs. Our ploughs are available in several variants and they are designed for both domestic and foreign markets.

Our company cooperates with a range of business organisations offering products of this type in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. We also own a network of business centres in the Czech Republic, specifically in Budišov (district Třebíč), Pojbuky (district Tábor) and Praskačka (district Hradec Králové), where we offer both own production and in recent years an ever-widening assortment of purchased parts for the entire range of machines working in agriculture, construction machines and machines for road maintenance.

Demand for spare parts has a constant increasing tendency, which puts the pressure on producers. That’s why we are preparing an expansion of the company premises in order to increase production capacity as well as to increase the number of selling points in our country. Therefore we hope that even you’ll become our regular customers and we’ll meet more often!



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